The Junkmail Flashlight

Hi all,

Hopefully you’ve noticed, by now, my previous post linking to the Junkmail Flashlight.  Clicking will not give you any email viruses or e-worms, not to worry.  Click and you will be taken to an oversize video, to be projected in class.

Having a bit more experience making three-dimensional works, I felt it would be a decent use of my time experimenting with the creation of an experience.  How effective this experience is, particularly of the flashlight aspect, may depend on the projection during tomorrow’s class.

I have taken the notion of junk mail as, essentially, spam.  Junk mail via email, rather than good old-fashioned snail mail.  I hope to share a bit of how I feel receiving junk mail, though in a slightly more overwhelming manner.

While I am a’ bloggin, let me take a moment to introduce some of my past work at

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Turn the lights down low, get awfully close to your computer screen and double-click for the Junkmail Flashlight.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my spamming efforts.