Arduino projects for next class

Please research tutorials on sites like Instructables, Make: Projects, the Adafruit Learning System, and elsewhere for projects similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Post up one (or more if you like– separate posts) Arduino projects here on the blog that helped you or might help your classmates (do this by the end of Friday). Your project post is due by 10:30pm on Monday night (no exceptions or extensions– try to get it up 24 hrs before the deadline in case you run into any issues). Bring your physical project to class.

I’ll come to SVA on Saturday at 12pm to do some more Arduino workshopping with you guys, so show up if you want help or more parts (I’ll bring an assortment of basics). Browse the Adafruit catalog in your project research, and if you spot any specific parts you’d like, let me know and I can get them for you at a discount (and without shipping charges) and bring them with me (final cutoff to request parts Friday 12pm).

Author: Becky Stern

I love to make things and share them. I live in New York City and when I'm not making or publishing, I ride bikes and motorcycles. I love my pit bull dogs. I'm a full-time content creator and also teach part-time at SVA. Find me as @bekathwia on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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