The Anarchist Cookbook

Hey guys,

My first tutorial of interest is a classic.  ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ has always been a wonderful source of entertainment for me.  Both in reading, as well as experimenting, the “cookbook” led to all sorts of fun (and mishaps), though looking back, I do not recommend you try any of its “recipes.”

Its pages are full of intriguing tutorials for electronics, bombs, bongs and the like.  The illustrations are great, the writing, not always so.  Please understand I do not endorse any of its contents, nor do I see myself anarchistic in any way.  ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ was simply a way for an adolescent David to get down and dirty in dad’s workshop and piss my parents off.

Please feel free to pluck a copy (and rage against the machine, man) at my website:

Thanks – David

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