Homework for 10/23

Next class we will be having a sewing and soldering workshop and begin work on our Plush Nightlight project. Do research, come up with a concept, and make sketches of your plush night light (bring multiple options). You’ll learn how to make a pattern from your sketch, sew, and solder LEDs for inside. We’ll also explore some soft circuit techniques.

Make three blog posts from your research. These posts should be a mix of commercial products and DIY projects that include both fabric and light. If you have fallen behind on inspiration blog posts in the past, make six posts.

Sam: Wednesday, Saturday, Monday
David T.: Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Rona: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
David H.: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Emi: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Gaia: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Mansi: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Damon: Wednesday, Saturday, Monday
Zena: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Joseph: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Katie: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Charlotta: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Matthew: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Willy: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Richard: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Cassy: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Clay: Thursday, Saturday, Monday

Author: Becky Stern

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