Mid-semester evaluations! Sign up HERE

It’s that time! We’ll be having individual meetings for your mid-semester evaluations before and after class next week 10/23. Please EDIT THIS POST to sign up for a timeslot:

12:00: Zena Pesta
12:10: Willy Chan
12:20: Mansi Gupta
12:30: Damon Ahola
12:40: Matt Barber
12:50: David Hu
–class 1-3:50–
4:00: Emi Yasaka
4:10: Rona Binay
4:20: Katie McElroy
4:30: Charlotta Hellichius
4:40: Joseph Weissgold
4:50: David Thonis
5:00: Cassy Michel
5:10: Clay Kippen
5:20: Gaia Orain
5:30: Richard Clarkson
5:40: Sam Moore

We’ll use this one-on-one time to discuss your progress in the course, as well as the course itself. Bring suggestions for me– I want this course to deliver valuable assets to your education and I’m very open to your feedback.

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