Chandelier Concept

How ’bout this storm?  How ’bout another day without studio?  How ’bout I’m never gonna get all this work done.  Trouble…  It’s trouble.

FYI I’ve begun work on a chandelier concept.  Had been struggling to mock up anything great, so I went back to google image search for further inspiration.

I decided to revisit some of my favorite sculptors –

Roman Signer for Kvadrat – Roman Signer blows stuff up.  It’s beautiful.  His project for the textile manufacturer, Kvadrat, involved lengths of fabric.  And a few rockets.

An Te Liu’s Style and Epoch.  Diggin’ the use of wood through seemingly arbitrary connections.

Here’s where I’m at now, the plan is to create several of the units below, and wrap in a somewhat elastic fiber.  Love the white of these LED strips, but am looking for something a bit warmer…

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2 thoughts on “Chandelier Concept”

  1. Hey David, I like that you are combining the structure of the wood with the tactility of fabric. Perhaps you should hand these chandeliers low enough for people to touch them. There’s something interesting about people interacting with forms that are often off-limits.

    1. Thanks Clay, I like how that sounds. Maybe I could even take it one step further and make them adjustable, so an audience could ‘play’ with the lighting. Hope you’ve made it through the storm alright!

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