Remember this?  In 2007, hometown Boston had a big scare over an installation of Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED Mooninites.  Don’t know about you guys, but I was pretty upset a silly little ‘guerrilla’ marketing scheme could create such panic like that.

Anyway…  Of greater relevance to us all, a story I posted not too long ago:

During the 2012 New York Design Week, Takeshi Miyakawa, a local artist and designer (with work in the permanent collection at MOMA) installed a series of glowing ‘I Love NY’ bags about town.  Rather than in celebration of the city, as the artist intended, the bags were mistaken for a terrorist threat, landing Mr. Miyakawa in prison.  As all of us creative people, we ought to be outraged by such an outcome.

My project – A couple of years ago, I began a series of black box devices, each piece designed to ‘sabotage’ its user.  At the time, I was without the functionality of Arduino, and eventually lost steam – But now, oh yes, now, with the power of Arduino, I can begin again!  My concern – Should I?  If I present the black box in its intended context, do I risk the unintended consequences?  Do I abandon the meaning of my project for something safer?  Or perhaps I alter the context…

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.