Project 1: Plush Night Light

(Above is Richard Clarkson’s ‘Cloud‘ project from last year’s Making Studio class)

For your first finished project, you will make a plush night light. This implies two requirements: it has to have lights, and it has to use your new sewing skills. You will use one of the words from your first assignment (or have already swapped words) to inspire your creation.

You will present your finished projects in class on 10/9, and a special guest critic will be in attendance (Jeff Stark). You will each have five minutes to present (practice and time yourself) with two minutes for critique and feedback from the class. Time will be tight, so make sure your presentation materials are ready to go in the week 5 presentations dropbox for our class. Your presentation should include:

-how your plush night light is used and who uses it (the “story”)
-clear photos of the finished project demonstrating its different states and use (video optional)
-in-process photos of construction
-what materials you used to make it
-if it is interactive, how is the interactivity was achieved
-what you learned
-what you would do differently if given more time or got to do the project again

Your blog post, due the day before class as usual, should contain the above info including a written description. Come up with a name/title for your project, as if it were a product you could buy or a cherished heirloom you might give to a family member.

There are some materials for this project on the arts & crafts shelf in the VFL for your experimentation including velostat, conductive fabric (more of the same kind you have in your kits), iron-on interfacing for affixing conductive fabric buttons to regular fabric, and stainless steel fiber for felting.

Helpful links:

Moxie’s free range plush monsters tutorial – hand sewing we did in class

Capacitive touch sensing with conductive fabric: plush game controller

In addition to Mood (225 W 37th St 3rd Floor) and Michael’s (808 Columbus Ave), there are a ton of fabric stores on 38th, 39th and 40th Streets all between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Someone asked about making laser-cut or 3D printed gear assemblies, many of which are available for research on thingiverse.

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