I am Lassor Feasley



As someone from an uncommon background in the program, I am very excited to join SVA POD, and Making Studio in particular. I’ve been aware of the Maker Movement for a while, and even an occasional passive participant. My dad gave me a subscription to Maker Magazine when I was much younger, and I have always been attracted to the community, both for its inclusivity and its entrepreneurial spirit. I know that craftsmen and DYI movements are too often allergic to technology, sometimes with good reason. So I appreciate how the Maker World has been able to integrate technology into its agenda without compromising its commitment to handiwork, tinkering, and understanding the tools we all use.

When I think of the gaps in my knowledge of the tools I use, the largest void is in digital technology. I know the basic architecture of Apple Swift and JavaScript from self study, but have never become fluent the way that I would like. My sister works as a computer scientist at a site called Kahn Academy, where she gets to live up to many of the internets highest ideals; making knowledge free to the world and so forth. As I move forward in the world of product design, I hope I can help solve big problems as well. Even though I am sure some of the projects we work on here will seem quirky and silly, I know that this is where the path starts!

While I do not have many of the hard skills we will be building in this class, I do have some aptitudes that I hope will be useful moving forward. I have completed a number of projects that I am very proud of, and I hope that I can share them, and learn from others, as we leverage and benefit from one another’s backgrounds.

For example:

  • Sketch-up
    • I have been using sketch-up for creative projects for many years. I love using geometric concepts to create interesting chotskies and to inform buildings I also design.
  • Writing
    • I wrote a book length senior thesis comparing the history of early electrification to our own times; the dawn of the information age. I am happy to help anyone who needs help with anything from grammar to idea structuring (but I cannot spell for my life!)
  • Business
    • I also have a background in the world of commerce and deal making. Prior to coming to SVA, I worked in the start-up world at a medical company. My father works in investments and I have always had an affinity for the investing world and the way of thinking it invites.

If anyone needs help with any of these subjects, or just figuring something out, visit my desk and I am happy to help. When I joined this program, I was intimidated because I knew that I would be working with lots of people with engineering and fine arts backgrounds, where I might have a deficit. As I have become more acquainted with the program, I’ve become a little bit more comfortable with my abilities, and I have come to appreciate things I might be able to bring to the table as an outsider.

The point is, nothing makes me feel like I belong more than being able to teach something, so please feel free to take as much of my time as you like if you find there is something I know that you don’t.

To get a better feel for what that might be, I am going to link my Portfolio here. In fact, in its current state, this is the application I used to apply to SVA, but I will be changing this into my personal site soon. The web address is simple:


 I am very proud of many of the things here, and encourage you to take a look. I don’t have much of a web presence, but one labor of love of mine is the Diet Coke Social Register, where I catalog prominent people who, like me, enjoy several liters of my favorite beverage each day, including an image and a proof.


If you encounter any additions you believe ought to be featured in this list, please contact me immediately.

I look forward to getting to better know all of you, and what better way than to collaboratively learn with Arduino?