Awesome Teardowns! Some Notes…


Nice work on your Teardowns, everybody! I am impressed with your curiosity, aptitude, and attention to detail. I’ve left you all comments with individual feedback, and we will discuss them in class next week (9/22). Some of you forgot a category and/or have a rogue draft that needs deleting. Those of you who missed the blog deadline should do some self reflection and try to improve next time by reducing bottlenecks and planning ahead for unexpected delays.

Many of you neglected to address the last point in the assignment evaluation criteria: “Select two design elements that interest you and describe why you think the designer made it that way.” If you did, I called you out in a comment on your blog post. Please revise for next Wednesday’s blog deadline (9/21 8pm ET).

To make it easier know who a post belongs to, please add a first and last name to your account profile.

One more point of order: please don’t upload videos directly to this blog. Instead please use a sharing site like vimeo, youtube, or instagram, then embed the video in your post. Good example: Kevin’s Teardown. Thank you!

This week’s superstars for turning in their work on time and remembering to categorize their blog post are Alexia and Louis!

Author: Becky Stern

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