Beatrix the Butterfly



I’m Beatrix the Butterfly. I was on my way to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit to visit bluegrass concert that was occurring there. I was particularly excited to see my favorite band, The Allman Brother’s, perform. Sadly, the recent inclement weather that hit the east coast blew me all the way up to New York City. There are plenty of country revival bands here, and I’ve been enjoying the scene. But the truth is I was hoping to meet a special someone, ya know, a southern gentle-fly for a southern bell-fly like me, but so far the pickins have been… ya know…

Not that I have anything against roaches and horse flies, its just not what I had in mind.

Anyway, the cold southern wind is coming in from Olde Canada, and I am soon to be off to Nashville, Tennessee where the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is hosting a BBQ mixer.

Now those are my kinda flies!

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