Stargazer’s Blanket

The Stargazer’s Blanket is designed to get people out into nature at night. It provides snuggly warmth, shelter from the elements, and, when necessary, a cool ambient light. Accommodates two (and no more).



The ambient light is activated by a click button.


The top green and beige part remains dark. The bottom lumberjack print side illuminates when needed. This is because red does not irritate the iris, so you can continue star gazing later.


I made the blanket using fiber optic fabric which diffused light over a flat surface. The fabric all met in a bunch where a light source is introduced. I combined five LEDs marketed as ‘Super Bright’ by Adafruit, but they were not super bright enough ): The image above is using my iPhone flashlight to illuminate the fiber optic. Below is the diagram of components used in my attempt. (I have since spoken to Tak about acquiring  mega bright LEDs, which might be better.