Improvements to the Stargazer’s Picnic Blanket.

The form of my blanket did not change significantly, but I did a lot this week to make it real:

  1. I bought reflective PVC based fabric which I glued to my fiber optic fabric sandwiched between my flannel. This doubled the light diffused through one side of the blanket, and made the other side dark, serving the same purpose as the paper I had used in the earlier prototype. However, unlike the paper, the PVC fabric did not stiffen the blanket or make it crinkly.
  2. I bought a super high power LED  from a specialized retailer to replace the five LEDs I tried (in vein) to light the blanket last week. I attached it with gaffer tape. The light was even brighter than my iPhone light, and worked perfectly!
  3. I attached a zipper to one side of the blanket so that the battery and interior can be easily changed and adjusted (i.e. for cleaning).

Here are some process shots:


Newly installed PVC reflective fabric.


LED attached to fiber optic cable.




LED fiber optic diffusion.


New Iteration… Now rolls up correctly due to removal of paper.

I plan to get some good shots of the blanket at work when it gets darker. I may decide to continue with this assignment for the next project, in which case I’ve got plenty of fabric to make it a more realistic proportion.

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