The Illuminated Guitar

I created an interactive guitar with a light element rigged under the sound hole.

This creates a memorizing spectrum of colors punctuated by the vertical bars of the guitar strings.

I imagined that the light strength would correspond with the Bass of the sound, and that the notes and chords being struck would control the quality of the color.


Sadly, it became clear in my sketch model that my sensor rig was unworkable. It was too difficult to get the sensors lined up correctly with the strings and they kept breaking and acting unpredictable.

I am working to rectify this now by purchasing electric guitar strings and pickups compatible with Arduino.


One I do, I image several program sets; one for hard rockers, one for acoustic, one for learning to finger pick, and so on.

I think that the prospect of an educational tool is especially enticing. Learning guitar is restarting, and a satisfying light response might make the effort that much more rewarding.