Week 11 Homework – Begin your Final Projects!

You will create one more project in Making Studio this semester– let’s make it a great one! Your project objectives:

  • Create an interactive object or experience using electronics (Arduino preferred)
    • simple recipe = sensor + output + physical form
  • Film and edit a short video about your project (4 minutes maximum)
    • define your audience
    • make a storyboard or shot list
    • write a script
    • shoot lean
    • leave extra time (2.5-3x your first estimate) for editing
  • Document your project in a step-by-step tutorial on Instructables, using text, images, and video to enable the reader to recreate your project (including parts list, source code, and circuit diagram).

Half the class will present on December 8 (5-8p):

  1. Louis
  2. Will
  3. Jingting
  4. Andrew
  5. Kuan
  6. Bernice
  7. Lassor
  8. Teng

and the other half will present on December 13 (Tuesday 10a-1p):

  1. Sowmya
  2. Sebastian
  3. Alexia
  4. Juho
  5. Smruti
  6. Chris
  7. Manako
  8. Jiani
  9. Antriksh
  10. Kevin

Next week we’ll have class on Monday November 21 from 10am-1pm, when we’ll do some mini group project debugging/code workshops. I’ll pick projects of yours to discuss and develop during class time based on your project proposal blog posts, due on Sunday by 8pm. I anticipate spending 45 minutes on each of three projects, trying to cover as broad a range of sensors and outputs as possible. You can choose to watch each demo or work on your prototype during class time, whichever wills serve your project best. Your blog posts should include:

  • Sketch(es)
  • Proposed project title
  • Draft parts and tools list (with URLs)
  • Links to prior similar work and/or tutorials you plan to utilize in making your project

Build a rough prototype circuit (using stand-in components where necessary) to bring to class. Email me early if you need help with anything, whether it’s refining your ideas or picking the right components!

During our last week of working-class, December 1, we will have a peer-supported writing workshop and quick in-progress critique.

Author: Becky Stern

Making and sharing are my two biggest passions! I'm a Content Creator at Autodesk and part-time faculty at SVA. Check out all my Instructables and find me as @bekathwia on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.