Singing and Rowling Bee ‘s ​Teardown


I choose a funny looking kid’s toy in the shape of a bee, which turned out really interesting because it has a lot of pieces. The bee teaches kids numbers, colors, and shapes while rowling and singing.

To tear it apart I used a couple of precision screwdrivers, a multitool and a little of force because it was very well assembled. I suppose to avoid kids getting to the tiny pieces and swallowing them.

Dissecting Bee Timelapse: Here





I found that many similar plastic pieces were numbered, my guess is they do that to help with the assembly process. As far as how they were manufactured most of the plastic pieces were injection molded.


The Bee has some electronics pieces which were very interesting: a motor, on and off switch, led color lights for each button and a speaker. I was able to find the data sheets, which to be honest where a little overwhelming because of all the information, but also enlighting, makes you consider how many processes and inputs one single piece goes through before it ends up in a store.