Plush​ Nightlight Fun


Shoe Box: A textile box to keep your shoes in when you get home really late and don’t want to turn on the lights or walk around with your noisy shoes waking the entire house up.

Judgy Rag Guy: A diet guardian that will judge you when you are getting a late snack by lighting up with movement busting you and judging your poor choices!

Pointing Light for Under the bed: A light/ pillow that we placed under the bed to help kids get whatever they lost or stored in there, also working as a pillow for them to take a rest from all that cleaning.

One thought on “Plush​ Nightlight Fun”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Sophie! These are all great places to infuse light at night. The shoe box makes the most sense to me in a home, but I encourage you to explore whichever idea lets you do the maximum exploration of light diffusion with soft materials. Please reach out if you need help shopping for materials.

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