‘Hang in There’ Bunny Nightlight Prototype 🐰

Let’s start with the circuit diagram. I’d like to put a series of 3 purple LEDs into the bum of the stretched-out bunny form. I bought 5mm LEDs and this x2 AA battery pack.

Circuit Diagram_Hang in There_Plush nightlight

And now for the prototypes. I experimented with light diffusion using this strand of magenta El wire. (It’s what I had on-hand), but will replace that with the purple LEDs for the actual light. I stuffed materials with pillow fill (strange combo of synthetic fluff and plastic flakes) and foam tufts (typically sold as a beanbag stuffing).


A grey nylon stocking served as a tentative bunny body. Here it’s stuffed with pillow fill & an El wire:


Then I stuffed the grey nylon stocking with the foam ‘tufts.’ It glows exceptionally well, but creates a terrible texture on the surface.


The cotton head & ears of the bunny, stuffed with foam tufts:

Hang in There prototype

Thank goodness for the prototyping stage because I’m not thrilled with how any of these came out. What I will change for the next steps:

  1. Narrower ears and even more narrow pink ear inserts. This should allow the bunny’s head to have a softer curve on top.
  2. Smaller texture of fill. The foam tufts give the bunny a bumpy surface, which looks uncomfortably close to the texture of cellulite.