Tambul – A Backroller Nightlight


Tambul is a back-massager and night-light for those looking to stay flexible while keeping their room cozy and cute.

Tambul provides lower-back support and pressure in bed, on the floor, or against walls during times of relaxing, massaging, or stretching the body.

Tambul provides a soft, indirect light while rolling around or being picked up by the handles.

Resting on your bed, Tambul’s discreet and hard shape does not distract you from your cuddles, rather, Tambul provides an opportunity for exploring dimensions of intimacy which are rarely tapped into.

Needless to say, my ideas have evolved.


I am inspired by the Dholak, or Dhol.


To make a backroller


That is also a cute nightlight

Each of the seven LEDs were carefully arranged, heat-shrunk, and joined to create my circuit -the diagram for which was designed by Evie.

I stack laminated my form by CNCing thirteen 6″ circles, some of which function as lateral supports. I drilled 5/16″ holes to fit the Jumbo LEDs.

I bought stretchy red velvet from a lovely Persian woman with great taste, her shop is called New York Fabrics and it is located in Ridgewood.

I cut the long end of the fabric to the circumference of the form (6″ x 3.14 = 18.8″), and the short end to the height of the form (11″). I sewed a single seam to join the rectangle of fabric to itself, creating a sleeve which slipped onto my form snugly.

I stapled one end of the fabric to the form and began stuffing. Once I was done stuffing, I stapled the other end of the fabric to the form and covered the staples on both ends pieces of wood that I had CNCed.