Team 👻’s Brainstorm! ✨

Hi everyone,

Our team name is 👻 (thanks Eugenia for the inspo).

For our next project, here are our initial ideas.


1/ Bike Safety Jacket

+ Wearable jacket with conductive zipper that will illuminate when you zip it all the way up.

+ This would utilize the zipper switch with conductive thread that was shown in the previous class last week. (Bonus: combined with Yangying’s glove!)


2/ Interactive Light Up Jenga OR Puzzle

+ Jengaglow: Light up jenga that would be lit as a tower and each individual piece would have its own light. But when you pull a piece out, that individual light would turn off.


+ Glowing puzzle: Light up puzzle with pieces that would light up when you put them together

+ Perhaps both of these would use conductive paint.


3/ The Anti-Sitting Chair Pad

+ This is a pad that you could add on to your chair that you sit in. When you first sit down, the pad starts lit up as green. Over time, the color of the light changes from green to yellow to red. When red, you’ll know that it’s time to get up and go for a walk 🙂

+ The anti-sitting chair pad would use pressure sensors to detect butt contact.


4/ Bubblefy

+ Interactive, motion-sensored bubble machine for doors. So that when it detects someone coming in, it will shoot out a delightful and colorful stream of bubbles. Yay.

+ This would use the PIR motion sensor.

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One thought on “Team 👻’s Brainstorm! ✨”

  1. Great brainstorm, folks! Some thoughts:

    1. You should be able to work on a prototype for this in class today! Here’s the tutorial:
    here’s one with a neopixel sketch and different modes toggled by a switch:

    2. this could be cool but requires some pretty serious papercraft engineering to get the tolerances right. LOTS of prototyping. =D

    3. What other examples of workplace posture helpers can you find out there? I can think of Lumo Lift:
    How will the human’s butt pressure translate into activating a pressure sensor? FSRs are not ideal for this application. Perhaps you should instead use a soft switch, like these:

    4. this sounds great. would you hack an existing bubble machine to trigger its input with the PIR sensor? you could prototype with the PIR and your arduino in class today.

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