Evie’s Final Brainstorm Ideas + Wifi/Huzzah 🙌🏼

Final Brainstorm Ideas

Hi all, here you’ll find the initial ideas for my final project. Happy to discuss/modify any of these (especially if they are impossible! with limited time & resources).


1/ Rubik’s Cube Disco Ball

Instead of a typical shiny sphere, this disco ball would be a Rubik’s cube. There would be 2-3 lighting settings (strobe vs. continuous vs. fading). And this cube would be controlled by either a remote or my phone.

2/ Wall-Mounted Touch-Sensor Xylophone Installation

Very much inspired by the interactive, photogenic art at Dia:Beacon, this interactive xylophone makes sound when the user touches each “key” on the wall. I envision each individual piece to be laser cut and for each to be approximately 2 ft tall.

3/ Negative News Negator (NNN)

With the plethora of negative news that we receive every day, it’s enough to make anyone go insane. This product would be synced up to news notifications that mention the word “Trump.” When one pops up, the product will automatically play a soothing or happy song (sound therapy!). I still need to brainstorm potential forms for this product.


4/ Peachee

My final idea is to build out Peachee, a project I recently completed for Allan’s Affirming Artifacts class. It’s basically a dog treat dispenser for humans that gives out cookies for good behavior. This would be synced up to a trigger on my phone. When triggered via phone, the Peachee dispenser will dispense one cookie into the cup. Above is a photo of the product for reference.

Arduino + Huzzah + Wifi

Below, you’ll find a screenshot of my wifi exercise and button/LED exercise, both with the Huzzah board. During these exercises, I kept having code upload problems and it took me the longest time to figure out what was wrong. I ended up trying 3 different micro USB cables, Yangying’s board (thx YY!), and emailing Becky.

…in the end I realized that the code wasn’t uploading because I had selected the wrong board 🙁 Anyway, here is a screenshot of the wifi exercise and video of the push button + LED.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 3.58.11 PM.png

Author: Evie

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