week 10 (ten) homework

wow its weak 10

so much has changed and so much has not and so much will and so much will not

gotta do away with these binaries… i mean even as coders we understand its ridiculous



as of now,

my three idea seeds are,

Train Arrival & Departure of People


know when people entered and left the floor based on their SVA magnetic swipe. arrival and departure of ideas, interbuilding/interdepartment communication. LED board.

i do see the potential of this being more of an anonymous upvoting and downvoting of ideas or feelings that are occurring in the space, much like Antya’s Affirming Artifacts proposal of a television reflection of officespace aggressions + delayed animations triggered anonymously via text

we need to know that we stand in solidarity with each other regarding issues which may be hard to talk about.

i think a character limit would be useful

“wasnt it weird the way that dude was talking during class” (~60 char)

“way dude talks” (~20 char)

Fluid Silhouette Clothing


fluidity in the way one takes up and moves through space in order to challenge the gendered stereotypes associated with one’s silhouette. give users the freedom to explore alternate silhouettes and flows in the same outfit. wearable technology that stiffens with current.

Remote Tourist Telescope


look into an eye piece and see something far away! 3 axis control of a remote & hard to reach vantage point. VR as a conclusion, not inspiration or core feature. escape the world for a while.

making accessible viewpoints associated with luxury and that allow for larger-scale contemplation because of their physical height atop skyscraper.

Validation Machine

recieve intelligently generated affirmations based on personal data in the form of texts, voice messages, or phone calls.

if i come up with anything better I will definitely move forward with it instead but i also believe in the power of pursing that which is mundane or unapproachable with the goal of creating something unexpected… or something unexpected.