meditation / visualization glasses – see your subconscious, mold your self

controls closeup annotated.jpg

The use of closed-eye meditation, color therapy, and binaural beats have been known to allow people to access alternate realities generated by our imaginative subconscious. These glasses contain two neopixels, softly diffused and resting above each eye. The LEDs will fade or flash in syncopation to initiate a dreamlike state in the brain, generating complex environments within the mind’s eye. Such explorations are important to any creative process. Paired with guided meditations, one can visualize and enter chambers of the self, working towards improvement or deeper understanding. Let us formalize this behaviour into a user-friendly product and take a moment to experience, explore, and grow with our eyes closed.

Honestly, the rhythm and color of the LEDs in the glasses should be controlled via mobile application, but there is something so interesting about a little knob controlling light frequency. Competitive analyses support the notion of app-based control.

Link to draft tutorial and storyboard outlines located below: