Final Project Presentation Schedule

Please post up your final project to the blog by 6pm the night before your presentation date. Please include:

  • A link to your published Instructable
  • Your video embedded/linked
  • Some photos
  • A brief description of your project’s purpose, function, form, construction, and future projections


  1. Carly
  2. Evie
  3. Tzu-Ching
  4. Gustav
  5. John
  6. Wei
  7. Oomung
  8. Ellen
  9. Eugenia
  10. Yangying


  1. Antya
  2. Rhea
  3. Xuan
  4. Ben
  5. Phuong Anh
  6. Sophie
  7. Zihan
  8. Micah
  9. André
  10. Hannah

Author: Becky Stern

Making and sharing are my two biggest passions! I'm a Content Creator at Autodesk and part-time faculty at SVA. Check out all my Instructables and find me as @bekathwia on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.