Midterm Dossier due 10/31

In addition to other requirements for the course, a passing grade will require the submission of two project dossiers. For 15-week courses, two project dossiers will be required: One dossier due on week 8 of the course, and one dossier due one week after the last class of the semester.

Each Project Dossier must include:

• A completed Project Dossier Form (find it on dropbox).

• Process images that fit the photography specs for the department.

• Final images that fit the photography specs for the department.

• Any other applicable assets such as pdfs, slideshares, etc.

• Proper citation of all sources.

Delivery: You must put your dossier in the appropriate Products of Design Dropbox dossier folder and send a link via your sva.edu email address (not directly through Dropbox). The email must be addressed to your instructor, with the Director of Operations and the Department Chair on copy by the date specified.

Author: Becky Stern

Making and sharing are my two biggest passions! I'm a Content Creator at Autodesk and part-time faculty at SVA. Check out all my Instructables and find me as @bekathwia on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.