Arduino exercise+ideation for final project

Here are my videos of Arduino exercises.


connecting from Shin Young Park on Vimeo.


blink from Shin Young Park on Vimeo.


Below are my ideations for the final project.

1. My first idea is a communication tool that only two people can use. The product will come in sets and two people get one product each. By using the button attached to the box, or shaking the box(if I choose to use vibration sensor), the user can send signals to the other user. Sometimes there are times when you do not want to put your feelings into words, but still want to connect with your close friends and family members. Also there are times when you are not able to use your mobile phone but want to send some messages to them. This product is designed for those cases.

2. My second idea is making a product that stops me from overworking. Sometimes I get too concentrated on what I’m working on and overwork, which results in lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and so on. Therefore I wanted to create a product that turns red and blink a lot when I work to much on one specific project. I start using the product by pushing the button of the product and as time goes it starts to change the color. My another idea for this is making a laptop pad that senses the laptop. When I am working on the laptop too long, the pad will start to turn red and blink.

3. My last idea is a product that acknowledge us about wars that are going on worldwide. Since we are too busy taking care of our daily life, we tend to not care a lot about issues that seem distant from us. However, in order to address the violence and conflicts that are going on in some parts of the world, it is important for us to at least know what is going on. By doing so, we will think more about the ways to help the people in those hardships and also start to value our everyday lives and be more grateful.

One thought on “Arduino exercise+ideation for final project”

  1. Good brainstorm, Shin Young!
    1. This idea is great! You could have a lot of fun designing the interaction/output of this to be highly personal, sentimental, fun, etc. Reminds me of my Internet Valentine project:

    2. To play devil’s advocate here, this idea could well be an app on your phone. Monitoring/adjusting your worktime behavior is a valid problem to overcome, but I’m not sure there’s enough reason here for it to be a physical object.

    3. Somber theme! But totally doable and would be powerful with the right design. Remind’s me of Gustav’s project last year:

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