Final Project Proposals

  1. Key Reminder
    Attach the key with an acrylic stick, and it lights up when you plug it in the base.

2. Habit keeper
This is a device that helps us keep a good habit. For instance, Seona wants to do yoga at 7:00 every morning. First of all, she set the time,  and the button will pop out at 7:00 with the light up. She’ll press the button after she finishes her yoga time, and the bottom will pop up again at 7:00 am tomorrow.
button down-01.jpg

3. Glowing Dude

You can put this little man on the way you go to the bathroom at night, his head will light up when you pass. It’ll be a bit creepy if he lights up but nothing pass in front of him.

lightbulb man-01.jpg

Sorry that I didn’t finish the Arduino assignment, I’ll finish it before next week and post it. Thanks!

Author: felixhodesign

Hi, I'm Felix Ho from Taiwan. I  love listening to music, reading novels and eating. I worked as a product designer for more than a year, but haven't put anything relates to technology in my works and project. So I'm really excited about starting my first Arduino project. Website:

One thought on “Final Project Proposals”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Felix! I like your sketches. Any of these ideas would be great for your final project, and allow you to explore with code and physical form.

    1. You can use the key as a switch by making it bridge two metal contacts inside. Is the item that lights up completely separate from the base? If so, how would you charge the battery? Consider integrating the light-up part into the base to simplify a bit, and afford you more space for parts. You could use your regular Arduino board or Feather Huzzah, whichever fits better.

    2. The idea of flipping a satisfying switch to keep a habit is really interesting. Take a look at this project with a similar idea: Something to keep in mind is that the Arduino doesn’t keep time very accurately by itself. If you use your wifi board and set/trigger the alarm via the web, you could integrate google calendar or todoist or some other web service, or you could make the thing offline and use a realtime clock module:

    3.For your glowing dude, you will need some kind of motion sensor, I would suggest this one: (They probably also have them at Tinkersphere or maybe even in the VFL office)

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