Chicken Wing Clock(This name inspired by Anna)



Good morning friends,

Are you late for today?

Are you still upset about not getting up on time every morning?

Are you still thinking about why you feel the alarm clock is not ringing every morning?

Congratulations, “your best partner ”—— the chicken wing clock is coming to you!


This is a clock which is named chicken wing clock. This is not an ordinary alarm clock. When the alarm is turned on, it can continually poke with the tip of the chicken wings to make you wake up. The alarm clock is turned off while the chicken wings are stopped.


It is funny but it is useful.


Now, let we see how to create this ” funny chicken wing “.



  • a Wood board (22* 34* 0.7 inches)
  • Fish wire (40inchs)
  • Hot glues
  • Wood glues
  • Insulation tape
  • an MG995R
  • an Arduino board
  • a DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC): I2C board
  • An LCD screen
  • two pushbuttons
  • registers (220 Ω)
  • a buzzer
  • Coin cell battery
  • an electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX9812
  • a USB wire
  • wires
  • soldering machine
  • CNC
  • Sandpapers (220)


The first step:

Design circuit diagram

Funky Borwo-Albar


The second step:

Making the chicken wing and clock box



(8inchs* 5.5inchs*0.2inchs)






The third step:

Testing code






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