Hi,I am Shuyi~

Hi, my name is Shuyi. I am from Shanghai, China and I graduated from China Academy of Art. My major before was industrial design and I’m so good at designing smart products especially the cute products. I love cute things so much that they can makes me come up with so many cute characters and I use them in my owl works. I am so looking forward to the Halloween Parade and maybe that can inspire me to create some amazing products.

According to the class, I trust that I can have more experience from the hands-on skills and new methods of making. By the way, I also think that uploading a lot of protography, video to my blog is really wonderful.

I designed a lot of different products just like the foldable fitness bicycle, intelligent audio, etc. Some of them also got the patents in China, that makes me proud.

This is our exhibition for our graduation design. My work is a foldable bicycle for kids to training and keep fit.