Musical Toy Teardown

Before tear-downing the musical toy…


  1. 2 batteries (size AA/ R6P 1.5 V)
  2. 2 pieces of top shell (plastic; green one with 5 support materials/ blue one with 6 support materials and 5 buttonholes)
  3. the battery box cover (plastic blue cover/ one screw hole on the top of it)
  4. 5 touch buttons (plastic/color of blue, orange and yellow)
  5. toy holder (plastic/ there are two parting lines in the middle )
  6. main body (plastic/ the battery box embed inside/ 4 support screws )
  7. the circuit board and light board (LED light board, circuit board (KC-5D), and round sound buzzer)
  8. 5*Internal+ 5*External support screws (metal)

Step One:

Took off the screw from battery cover and exacted the batteries out.

Step Two:

I used the screwdriver to take out the rest of the screws from the button shell.

Step Three:

I took apart the circuit board and light board.

Teardown the main body, there are LED light board, circuit board (KC-5D), round sound buzzer, battery box and buzzer cover.

Design Element of Interest

It was a great and interesting time for me to teardown the musical toy because I have less experience of taking apart the product before this assignment. To be a product designer, we request to familiar with the basic knowledge of both mechanic and manufacture structure. Each rib and edge or parting line has its reason, like where we should keep the space for the box? Why the rib is designed here?

After I took the musical toy assembly apart, perhaps my product was easy to tear down, I didn’t feel that much difficult to separate it. Also, I am impressed that the small pieces of the board can play a huge function.