Arduino Intro Class & Week 2 Homework

Today’s slide presentation

Don’t forget to install the SiLabs driver to go with your Metro! (mac tutorial/windows tutorial)!

Huge congratulations on your first toe dipped in the ocean of Arduino. Here’s a link to the Arduino Class we’re following, which you’ll need an Instructables account to access. For homework, please:

  • Complete and take short videos of the following Arduino exercises:
  • Upload your short videos (separately or together) to instagram, twitter, vimeo, or youtube, and embed them/it in a blog post here on the class blog, due Tuesday 9/24 8pm (use the Arduino Homework Exercises category and title “[my name]’s Arduino Homework 1”). Do not upload your videos directly to the blog media library.

Arduino resources mentioned in today’s presentation:


Here is a list of parts in your kits.

where to buy additional parts:

help/look up stuff:

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