Week 9 Homework

Prepare a formal presentation about your Halloween costume project. You will present from the class blog, where your post (due 8pm 11/5, Halloween Costumes category) must contain:

  • Final photos of you in your costume
  • In-progress photos
  • Sketches
  • Inspiration links/images/projects
  • List of materials and tools used
  • Circuit diagram
  • Arduino code
  • Paragraph text about your costume, why you made it, how it is to wear it, what you learned in the process, and what you would do differently if you had to do it over again

Additionally, complete the first three lessons in the Internet of Things Class:
Gather Your (Internet Of) Things
Software Setup
Hardware Setup

Please make a blog post with video evidence of having completed the IoT class exercises (Arduino Homework Exercises category). Deadline is 8pm 11/5.

Author: Becky Stern

Making and sharing are my two biggest passions! I'm a Content Creator at Autodesk and part-time faculty at SVA. Check out all my Instructables and find me as @bekathwia on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.