Week 12 Homework

Great job on your project brainstorms and wifi work, folks! For homework this week, you should build a prototype circuit for your project, and continue developing its final form and code. Don’t forget to take in-process photos and video! Many of you have two parallel development tasks (form and function)– don’t put off any unknown part of your project! It’s unacceptable to say “I couldn’t do X because Y had to be complete first”. The sooner you uncover the unknown parts of your project, the sooner the finish line will be in sight. Please feel free to schedule a 1-1 with me if you need one, or email with any type of questions.

Write an outline for your project tutorial, including an introductory paragraph describing the use case, a materials/tools list, and single sentences describing each likely step. If you are able, write more by fleshing out each step with instructions. Please write with complete sentences (except your materials/tools list) and do your best with grammar and punctuation. Work in a Google Doc at first, since we’ll use it next class for peer-review.

Draft up your instructions into an Instructable (do not publish it yet), including any process photos that are ready. I have composed a sample draft to help guide you (you must be logged in to Instructables to view this unpublished preview).

Next class we will have a peer-supported writing workshop, work time, and 1-1 meetings. In preparation, please make a blog post (Works in Progress/Proposals category, due 5pm Nov 26) containing the following:

  • Link to Google Doc version of your draft tutorial
  • Link to your draft Instructable (get this from your Drafts page by right-clicking on the project thumbnail)
  • Description and/or storyboard for your project video
  • Your circuit prototype/parts needed to work in class

Peer-review writing exercise groups:

Crystal, Bethany, Baoqi & Wen, Yufeng

Zhenxuan & Bi, Karan, Mia, KG

Shuyi, Danica, Regena, Siddhant

Virginia, Joey, Xiaohan, Danna

The main question to evaluate is “Can I replicate this project from the instructions provided?” Peer-review checklist/ideas for feedback:

  • intro/overview: what is the project, what can the reader expect from the tutorial
  • tools/materials list with links (in intro or its own step)
  • circuit diagram and code
  • circuit construction description
  • form construction description
  • celebration, reflection, and call to action

1:1 meeting schedule for class on 11/27:

Baoqi & Wen
Zhenxuan & Bi

Author: Becky Stern

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