Yellow Bunny Night Light

The first intention was made a cuddle cushion for kid, I love the material I chose so I feel like it could be interesting to sit in living room.
This is the prototype to test the size. I didn’t realize that this might be a little bit too small at that time.
Test material for the brightness. Looking good!
After I finished sewing I figured two things. One is this size is kinda small for cuddling but perfect as a carry purse maybe. The second thing is, this fabric is so good for making a Pikachu! I should make the ears in a straight line!! It will be so cute to carry a Night light Pikachu purse on the street, I might fix this after this class.
I have really poor knowledge on physics, so I had a lot of problem of making a reasonable circuit. I was thinking about to design the lights but I didn’t realize the power will just be the battery box. But anyway, after I looked around classmate’s work I finally get the idea of this. Unfortunately, this circuit does not light up as it supposed to be, I wish it’s not because I designed it wrong, it perhaps because my clumsy soldering skills. I will definitely practice more!