I’m Jacey ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃

Hi! My name is Jacey. I was born in Guangdong, China, and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I went to Parsons School of Design for my undergrad degree, majoring in Communication Design and double minors in Immersive Storytelling (basically a mix of design and technology like 3D, AR/VR, and UIX) and Japanese Studies. I have a background in brand identity design, editorial and typography, UI/UX, and 3D modeling. I graduated in May 2022 (this year!) and was a design apprentice under a digital marketing company named REQ during the summer. I have a very chonky cat named Chimmy (he’s 3!), a rescued cat that I got when he was 3 months old (^-^*)ノ I look forward to the sewing sections of the class because I have barely done it before ( •̀ᴗ•́ )و ̑̑ and I like random weird (dark humor) memes from Reddit so there’s that as well (´∀`)

My IG is @jacey_ch ┻┳|・ω・)ノ

My ugly cat