Prerna’s Plush Light Proposal 🧸

Bear with a big light up heart.
You push the button and the heart lights up <3

Alternate proposal was for a dragon with a light up mouth or hello kitty with light up cheeks or heart but the bear was cuter.

Circuit drawing

half tinkercad circuit

I have bought the fabric.
The majority of the bear’s body will be made using the pink fabric. There will be a heart “cutout” in white fabric above the red leds.

Need to decide if the 7 leds in the shape of the heart is a better idea or if I should I one or two leds and diffuse the light.

6 thoughts on “Prerna’s Plush Light Proposal 🧸”

  1. My first thought was that the bear sketches are very cute! I think it would be interesting to experiment a little with the shape of the teddy so that there is a certain unique quality to it. And I also think light diffusion might look nice for the teddy heart.

  2. Hi Prerna!
    I like your idea of the light up heart! I think for feasibility maybe you could use a white fabric with red LEDs to light up diffuse the light in a heart shape. I think the big head is pretty cute too. Maybe you could use some fiber fill to make the background of your photo look like it in the clouds.

  3. Hi Prerna!

    Your bear is going to turn out super cute. I can already see this being using as a Valentine’s gift! That could be a fun photoshoot idea as well for the finished product!

    The LEDs is a tough question. I think you could use the 7 or just try to utilize something to help diffuse the light more and make it stronger if you are just using 2 or 3 LEDs. (half a ping pong ball each at the top of the heart and another helf at the bottom?)

    Super excited to see this one!

  4. I love the pink bear with a white heart, diffuse light is definitely a great and smart choice!

  5. I definitely think that a bear with a big light up heart is so adorable and diffusing the light is going to make the heart bigger. There are so many ideas for your photoshoot, from sitting your bear lighting up next to another to having a background full of hearts <3.

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