Hello!My name is Yifan.

I used to study Communication Design at RMIT University and obtained a Destination graduation certificate. I previously worked as an Art Editor at ELLE magazine, where I gained extensive design experience and developed a unique understanding of aesthetics. During my undergraduate studies, I became deeply interested in the psychological direction of toy design and speculative design, exploring how design and psychology can be combined to create works with a greater therapeutic function.
After joining the MFA Design Product project, I hope to delve deeper into more therapeutic forms of toys and exhibitions that trigger public awareness of social issues. I aim to contribute to society through my efforts and collaborate with other designers and professionals in the project to bring new ideas and breakthroughs to the design industry.
I believe that design is not just a form of aesthetics but also a problem-solving approach. She plans to continue focusing on social issues and use design as a tool to create better living experiences for people.


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