Hi! I am Elaine Gao🫡

你好!Hello! I am Yining Gao and you can call me Elaine! I come from Shenzhen, a city in south China without any specialty.😪

I had my undergraduate courses in South China University of Technology, and I majored in industrial design. But the courses there are too technical and without any atmosphere of design, so I came here to continue my study. I also minored in computer science but after studying I hate code.🥲( Just because I am not good at it)

I had an internship in a company which design and sell oral care products. And I worked as a CMF designer there. I think it is really interesting to choose color and style for a product after the research and contact with manufacturers. But I think I am lack of pratical design experience so that I hope that I can learn a lot from everyone!

My family cat called ‘Doudou’. I really really miss her.

The cat of my roommate.

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