Erica’s Plush Night Light Proposal

My overall concept is a plush night light that needs its own sleeping mask to block out the light!

The Moon: This version would be for a chic, but goofy couple. This bowl is on their wishlist, and this nightlight is on their bed. One partner still wants the lights on at night? No problem, the moon lights up. But hey, the moon and other partner will be wearing eye masks because they’re tryna sleep 😤

The Three-Eyed Monster: Don’t worry little one! Monsters aren’t scary! They can’t scare you because they’re also snoozing!! See its little eye mask? Go on, try taking it on and off. So long as it has that on? You are perfectly safe! And you’re in control! Also, its antennas have a cute glowing light to keep you warm through the night.

The Deep Sea Fish: This one simply appeals to anyone who thinks deep sea fish are awesome. Their dangle-bopper head light is convenient as a reading light on your bedside table. But maybe the fish is ready to go to sleep before you are, so you’ve lended it your eye mask. You’re such good friends supporting each other.



While I hope to make all three, I’ll plan to focus on the three-eyed monster because the moon, well, it doesn’t have an interesting light format to learn with. And the deep sea fish? His head shape doesn’t really lend itself to an eye mask to be honest.

For the three-eyed monster, I’ll hopefully find some funky green fuzzy fabric for the body, embroidered patches for the eyes or felt + buttons, and simpler fabric for the legs, arms, and light up antennas. For the eye mask, I’ll need a silky/satin material and elastic.

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