Jin’s flash night light—love makes us who we are💗

This flash light is inspired by my philosophy of life, which is that everyone is born equal, but it’s the people we meet, the environment we grow up in, and the cultures we come in contact with that make us unique individuals, and it’s the love in our hearts that makes us who we are.

But when I made this doll into a piece of clothing, I realized that it is not only a way to express oneself, but also a medium to convey warmth to the people around me.

Imagining on a cold night on the streets of New York, a stranger walking towards you wearing such a cute shirt, which emits warm light, would it not make you feel warm and sweet? So I wanted to make a shirt that lights up, that would allow people to transmit warmth and love to those around them even on a cold dark night.

Making processes:

1 Soldering the led light with the resistor.

9 put the heart shape fibric on the LEDs.

10 Test whether it can be lighten up

11 Sewing the doll on the T-shirt

12 Final~~~~