Erica’s neopixel homework and halloween ideas

Link to Tinkercad:

Halloween Costume Idea

Headless Horsegirl

It’s a combination of “horsegirl” culture and the halloween character the “headless horseman


Shopping list:

  • Horsegirl jacket (already own)
  • Long ponytail (already own)
  • Boots (already own)
  • Jeans or riding pants (tbd)
  • Pony stick (bought)
  • Blue award ribbon(bought)
  • Longer blue ribbon(bought)
  • Metallic iron-on vinyl, to write HEADLESS HORSEGIRL on the ribbon(bought)
  • Prosthetic makeup gel(bought)
  • Skin-tone makeup (already own)
  • ribbon (to clasp in the back)(already own)
  • Adafruit NeoPixel LED Side Light Strip – Black 120 LED (bought)
  • Battery pack (already own)
  • Button (already own)

3 thoughts on “Erica’s neopixel homework and halloween ideas”


    Curious to know what Becky recommends for that headless effect. Maybe black fabric around your neck with light shining up and down to draw attention away from your neck / create the illusion of being decapitated? Or you cover your head and make the hat look like its floating?

    You better gallop the whole parade

  2. Oh this is funny haha, the stick horse is dramatic, and I love the idea, especially after seeing the Mood board, but I’m a little worried that the end result could go from valiant “headless horsewoman” to a little funny

  3. I think it’s crazy and I am agree on emma’s advice! I have an idea: how about let your stick horse seems like your head? Your head is holding on your hand!!!

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