Erica’s Final Project Ideas

IDEA 1: Cat-to-Cat is a cat toy pairing. Your cat plays with toy A and your friend‘s cat plays with toy B – and they start whenever the other toy starts! You and your long distance BFF will delight as your cats both share in each other’s fun throughout the day.

IDEA 2: My friends tease me a lot because I have ~100 alarms on my phone, and I use them to usher me along in my day. For instance, if I’m hanging out with a friend getting lunch, and I have to leave to make the train at 2:32pm… I’ll set an alarm for 2:20pm so that I don’t get lost in conversation and forget to leave. I prefer that to feeling like I need to constantly check the time and not be present to my conversation! Or, sometimes I’ll set an alarm to help me know to switch tasks (move from one homework to another).

However, the sound of alarms suck and trigger stress. I also don’t like relying on screen notifications because they’re distracting during socializing or concentrated work.

So, how about a nice bracelet that has an LED “rhinestone” that gently lights up 10 minutes in advance of a scheduled item on my phone? And it could change color as the “deadline” approaches. It could even have a “snooze” color feature.