Jinny’s Final device design progress☯️

Theme :Cyber Buddhist niche

My topic is digital faith, how is the digital changing the way we believe

Kneel on the mat in front of the electronic shrine, then insert the electronic incense into the incense burner, and the machine will print the result of your request

Cyber Buddhist niche style design:

I drew a design of a Buddha statue that will be projected onto the screen

Materials required(BOM):

press sensor, vibration sensor, printing module

Circuit diagram and code:

The press sensor controls the mat, the vibration sensor controls the electronic incense, and the printing module controls the final printed ticket

It’s so complicated! There are really three interactive parts, which is really difficult. In the follow-up production, if it is too difficult, I may reduce one interactive part, so maybe remove the induction of kneeling or the part of burning incense.

(Of course, if I have the ability, I will complete all three interactive parts)