This project is an exploration in exploration. The user is encouraged to take a closer look at the piece, and discover an unexpected surprise. Using the brass as a capacitive touch sensor allows the user to switch on a motor that animates a hidden neopixel and a bunch of confetti.


Here is a link to the instructables that I created on how to make your own capacitive touch object!

All of the components including the arduino board and the motor are housed inside of the box to conceal the mechanisms. The power cord alludes to the fact that indeed something is going to happen.

Capacitive Touch Me


Texting Mat

Lusha and May created a “Text-Mat”.  This surface can allow the user to write and send messages using one’s feet.  This text-mat is designed to send secret messages during meetings or classes.  The design utilizes conductive fabric and thread, as well as a flora-board.  The program contains 7 preset sentences.  The user can press a button to select the appropriate sentence and then a final button to send.
Enjoy the video:
Please see the instructables:

Signal Jammer Pants

The Signal Jammer Pants are a pair of hacked Levi 514s’ that houses an arduino board and signal jammer. The pants are connected to a circuit,  that is activated by a HWNY Greek Crown ring (or any other ring) worn by the pants operator.   When the wearer’s hand is placed into the back right pocket of the jeans they turn on the signal jammer!

Here are process shots……


photo (1) signaljammer1 signaljammer1

Here are some photos of the circuit that is made with conductive fabric and how the pants are activated….

4 3 2

Finally it all comes together in this video where one partner is too busy to even notice that his partner is really even there until his electronics are shut off, forcing him to put down his devices and acknowledge his partner.  This video serves as a mix between a public service announcement and an advertisement.

A special thanks to François Gramoli who is not an actual jerk.