Lighting Studies

Lighting Studies.  November 2012.

Wool, electronics, wood and steel.

Developed in response to a moire effect created across sheets of mesh, for use as ambient home lighting fixtures.  Various fabrics were tested over the lighting element, in an attempt to evenly diffuse the glow.  Components may be disassembled for ease of packaging, and reconfigured at different sizes.

Under construction are additional models, at greater sizes and combined arrangements, as well as an ability to hang from ceiling, light directed upwards.

Follow along for additional images and process…

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For my plush night light I have inspired from a photo of myself, where l had a cactus on top of my head.

I have used felt as a material and laser cut it for the precise dimensions and sharp edges.

I have used a soft switch where the conductive materials the buttons are in between. So that when there is a pressure on one of the buttons, it closes the circuit and the LED’s light up!

The idea behind my plush light is that you hug “pillow Rona” the cactus on top of her head would light up!

Svala – modular night light


This is Svala.

It is a modular plush light with leds that shine but that you can’t see. It is therefore only a light that shines as if it was night – ergo, not at all.

My process started by sewing the moduls out of dense black fabric.


I combined the moduls and hung them up.


I soldered 11 LED lights in parallel.


Discovered that they worked on my first try.


And was this happy about it.


I then mounted the LED string into the moduls.



and Voila!



Advances in physical computing and interaction design hardware over recent years have created a new breed of smartobjects which are gaining more and more traction in the design world. These smartobjects have the potential to be far more interactive and emersive than ever before. What is exciting is that its becoming increasingly easier and cheaper to become a part of, with DIY and hacker communities initiatives such as Maker Faire, Instrutactables as well numerous other organisations & people showing the growing interest in this area. Done as part of the Making Studio Class taught by Becky Stern in the Products of Design Masters Program at School of Visual Arts. This project aims to capture the essence of this style of designing, where ideas, thinking and process are shared for others to use and expand on.

On one hand ‘Cloud’ is an Arduino controlled, motion triggered lightning & thunder performance. On the other it is a music activated visualizer & suspended speaker unit.




The cloud is made by felting hypoallergenic fiberfill to a sponge casing which forms the frame of the cloud and holds the speakers and componentry. The felting tool used is a custom made felting tool made from the left over sponge and 4 felting needles. To control the functions of the cloud there are three tactile switches scattered around the base. The concept references real clouds which constantly change shape through the switches requiring constant exploration to find the right switch to turn the right feature on or off.

Acting either as a semi-emersive lightning experience or as speaker with visual feedback this Nightlight – Nightspeaker hybrid introduces not only a new discourse for what a nightlight is or cloud be but also what a smartobject is or could be?

Beacon: Plush Night Light

For my plush night light project I wanted to explore a more natural yet abstract form.  At the same time I have been becoming interested in nautical design, so I have tried to meld these two ideas into Beacon.

Beacon’s basic form is that of a sailboat, with a central mast, and much like the hull of a ship, the form is stretched over “ribs” giving it the form its structure.  I also wanted to use natural materials, such as rope and unfinished wood.

If this were to exist in the real world, I could picture it as a night light perhaps in something like a private sailboat, a bedside table, or as a guide light, or beacon.

In process shot of the structure.

Initial sketches of the project.

More process shots (thanks Katie)

My Egger

The Egger is a plush toy/pillow that holds a egg yolk/white. The egg yolk lights up when the switch is pressed. This project was put together using Brown,white, and yellow felt that is doubled up and stuffed after sewing. The egg yolk and white fit inside of the egg shell. This plush toy can also be used to educate children at a young age what is inside of an egg.

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Plush Bacon and Frying Pan


I went with my original plan of creating a plush frying pan that would simulate bacon cooking. Who doesn’t enjoy the smell, taste and sound of crackling bacon? I used an Arduino to create the flickering effect and attached a button that when pressed, causes the bacon to light up.



I added a hole to the handle for easy hanging on a pot rack or wall and the bacon is lit by LED lights


Stoves are obviously dangerous for children, as is splattering oil, so I could see this toy being great for kids who want to help cook breakfast (or breakfast for dinner)! This could also be a good solution for those who do not have a stove in their tiny NY apartment and miss having bacon in their life. In addition, I could see this being THE go to gift for a lumberjack baby shower. If I took this idea further I would add a speaker that plays crackling sounds when the button is pressed and perhaps some sort of smoky bacon scent.

This Domestic Bliss

Don’t let the drudgery of chores bring you down. Seize the Rad with This Domestic Bliss!

After weeks of fumbling around with various ideas, I decided to go with a design that I would actually use.

Here’s the preliminary sketch. Initially the skateboard was going to look like the interior of a vintage car with tassels and leather. The association with artifacts changed once I found a more suitable fabric!

Its a skateboard that doubles as…

An ironing board!

And a To-Do List flash light for the skater on the go!

Shred on my busy domesticated friends… Shred on!

Title photo credit to drowsySwords on Etsy.