Week 3 Assignment – tutorial inspiration/research

For homework this week, you will be brainstorming and researching for your next project: a step by step tutorial on a topic of your choosing– authored 100% by you! Please post up three tutorials on any subject that you think are EXCELLENT. Explain why, and what you might learn from that tutorial that informs your own. So that all the posts aren’t on the blog at once, please post according to the following schedule:

Cassy: Wednesday, Saturday, Monday
Clay: Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Damon: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
David H.: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Emi: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Gaia: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Charlotta: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Richard: Wednesday, Saturday, Monday
Willy: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Joseph: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Katie: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Mansi: Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Matthew: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Zena: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Rona: Friday, Sunday, Monday
Sam: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
David T.: Thursday, Saturday, Monday

Arduino projects for next class

Please research tutorials on sites like Instructables, Make: Projects, the Adafruit Learning System, and elsewhere for projects similar to what you’re trying to achieve. Post up one (or more if you like– separate posts) Arduino projects here on the blog that helped you or might help your classmates (do this by the end of Friday). Your project post is due by 10:30pm on Monday night (no exceptions or extensions– try to get it up 24 hrs before the deadline in case you run into any issues). Bring your physical project to class.

I’ll come to SVA on Saturday at 12pm to do some more Arduino workshopping with you guys, so show up if you want help or more parts (I’ll bring an assortment of basics). Browse the Adafruit catalog in your project research, and if you spot any specific parts you’d like, let me know and I can get them for you at a discount (and without shipping charges) and bring them with me (final cutoff to request parts Friday 12pm).

Next Class: Arduino Workshop

Next class we’ll be having an Arduino workshop! Many of the tools and supplies we need are already in the VFL lab for your use, but each of you needs a few things of your own. I will bring you each an Arduino board, solderless breadboard, USB cable, and an acrylic prototyping plate. Please bring $35.50 (cash or a check made out to me) for your supplies. Bring a laptop if you can (otherwise plan to share with a neighbor), and take a few moments to install the Arduino software before class so we can spend more class time on the fun stuff. If you got Massimo Banzi’s book, Getting Started with Arduino, over the summer, bring that as well.

Project 1: A Making Mashup

You’ll each choose a descriptor and a thing from my lists. Use the descriptor to make a thing, and post it here on the blog. Use the internet for research– tutorial sites like Instructables.com are great if you’ve never worked with a certain material before. Post up photos, a brief description of your thing including which descriptor and which thing you were assigned, and any sites/resources that proved useful during your research. Your assignment is due on the blog at 8pm ET Monday September 10.

Duct tape
Junk mail
Plastic bag

Animated GIF
Motel art
Fax machine replacement
Plush Toy
Phone case/dock
Email notifier
Pub game
Water carrier
Musical instrument
Artificial pet
Bike accessory
Party favor
Privacy device
Kitchen utensil
Prison contraband

Class Introductions

Hello! I’m Becky Stern, your instructor for Making Studio. Welcome to the first class of your new grad school careers! Please make a post on this, our class blog, introducing yourself. I’ll go first.

I grew up in rural Connecticut and went to Parsons School of Design for undergrad and Arizona State University for grad school. I worked for a long time at MAKE Magazine, on the blog and as a video producer. Now I’m head of wearable electronics at Adafruit, an electronics company in downtown Manhattan. I consider myself an expert at making tutorials, and an enthusiastic novice at making most everything else.

I like to make jewelry, electronics, fabric and fiber crafts, and sometimes combinations thereof. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, the Adafruit YouTube channel and blog, Ravelry, and my own site, Sternlab.org.

One thing I’m looking forward to in this class is seeing you all take up something you’ve never tried before. I love those “a-ha” moments when a concept or technique clicks into understanding.