I would like to embark on an over ambitious mission to build an enclosed sitting area for children which is inspired by geology and magic. The outside will be made of wood and painted grey while the inside will be cushions and pillows which resemble crystals and light up. Below you will find inspiration and materials which I would like to explore, along with what I would like to use to power the glow.  The sketch model below will be captured in 123D catch and then tightened up to have printed and assembled.  Depending on how costly and time consuming this becomes I may have to scale it down to smaller models.

Materials: wood, fabric, EL Panels, EL wire, Inverters.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the el panels and wire could enhance the luminescence of this fabric?  Below is a photo two friends of mine collaborated on. Heidi Lee makes incredible hats!! Andrew Strassar takes photographs which are amazing eye candy!


Glowing Geods!




Ab Rogers 2004, Kenny Schachter

Pods from another planet landed in a victorian house in Chelsea


Below are 2 views of a sketch model which will be 3d scanned and blown up to a larger scale.  Throughout this process i am interested to see what details survive.



Brighter than a lucky penny


Candle Curtains

Fabric and light together automatically makes me think of wearable technology, but since I had already worked on a light-up shirt for my first project, I wanted to do something different.

My first idea was around light and sound – a tambourine that lights up when you shake it. The inspiration from this one came from a dance I watched which takes place in a dark setting and only when the dancers move, their clothes light up. I thought of a tambourine as a dance prop.


My other idea was around making a backdrop, or wallpaper that could be used in a room, or ceiling. But finally, I decided that I will create some curtains that light up as it becomes dark outside.


Next steps:
– Design the curtain (color, fabric, paint/embroidery?)
– Code arduino for the light sensor.

Spiral Jetty Wallet

Hey yinz,

The form for my plush nightlight project is inspired by my favorite piece of land sculpture, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty .

I love Robert Smithson’s work – he’s the real artist’s artist (he can write, draw, sculpt, etc). Not only is his work informed by the context of the site, but each piece is dictated by months of research, observation and documentation. His essay about Spiral Jetty is one of the most interesting and genuine things that I’ve read by any visual artist…

Anyway… enough compliments, this post is about me, me, me!

This sketch shows how I feel about Ugz, our favorite floppy, plush boot. Ah, kind of a one-liner, I’m not so into this idea.

Here I’m onto something – the Spiral Jetty Wallet! What if I make a five-foot long wallet that rolls up like a sleeping bag and LEDs illuminate when credit cards are inserted into the pockets?

I don’t really no the answer, but Im going to try it.

Bunny Lantern/Armwarmer

I really liked the simplicity of Hobo lantern that I posted earlier and the heartfelt lantern made for Japan.  The idea that the lantern can light up people’s mood appeal to me.  I want to make a bunny lantern that can function as an arm warmer.  The elliptical holes enable this piece to hang from wall to act as a night light, but the shape is such that you can wear it on your arm.  There will be a bunny face on the palm side.  I thought of this idea while running at the crack of dawn where I really need to pay attention to my surroundings.  I didn’t happen to wear anything reflective and since I lost my arm warmers at the last year’s NYC marathon, I thought it would be a good idea to make one for myself.




Firefly Plush Toy

I am going to make a Firefly Plush toy with a light up bum. I want to use soft materials that so that it feels like a pillow and wings with a mesh like material. The details will be embroider stitched to give it a handmade feel. I will only need a few LEDs and a simple switch so might opt to use a coin cell battery holder. I am not sure if I want to incoporate Arduino but it would be nice to have the LEDs flickr. If I use Arduino I am considering trying RGB LEDs to play with color. Miss Becky, what do you think?


Octopus Night Light Idea

Every night I read before I go to sleep, and I’m sick of my bendy-arm reading light. It is simple and functional, but its boring design is getting old, and the arm is difficult to get into a good position.

I looked up alternative reading lights, finding some pretty silly devices, and began to think about designing a fun, plush reading light for myself.

After drawing a penguin and a few other animal-themed ideas that could sit next to me, I thought it might be fun to have a plush hat with built-in connecting arms. What better animal to create than an octopus!

The elongated tentacles make a perfect chin-strap, with a magnetic closure that connects the circuit, lighting up LEDs in its head that shine onto the book from translucent panels. I’m thinking about having multiple sets of connectors (I can have up to four total) that would turn on different colored LEDs. Or I could add LEDs to the other legs as their sucker pads. One Instructable I plan on referencing is how to make a clip-on LED reading lamp.

Embroidered Chandelier x Arduino

I hadn’t quite figured out what I could do with a chandelier, but as I’ve decided early on this semester, I wanted to integrate my own culture into as many projects as possible. And as long as it made sense.

As I headed down to Canal Plastics to pick up some acrylic for the project (I had thought of lasercutting them, although in what shapes I didn’t know), I stopped by the quintessential Chinese market in Soho: the Pearl River. In there (they don’t allow photos, unfortunately), I saw a variety of colorful Chinese lanterns and I knew right then I wanted to use them. I just needed to make them look like a chandelier, which, coincidentally, isn’t too far of a stretch since Chinese lanterns are hung in multitudes during the Chinese Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the Lunar New Year:

Chinese lanterns symbolize togetherness, well-being, and good fortune, having been part of the Chinese tradition for at least two thousand years.

I also need to incorporate some embroidery, so I picked out a few paper lanterns with eyelets, so I can put yarn through them. Here’s a photo of my embroidery in progress:

Since lantern were originally used as portable lights (they helped blocked candles from the wind, making them basically an ancient form of flashlights), I wanted the LEDs to mimic the flickering motions of the candle flame. To do that, I plan on modifying the “Blink” code along with the “Button” code to control it: