Clothes Pin Lamp


Young House Love has tons of tutorials on all aspects of decorating, clean living and home repair. I chose this tutorial because of how comprehensive it is and its great photos. There’s a good balance of text to photos, and it’s easy to follow. I like how they describe their thought process too and alternative ways to make the lamp. The only downside is that this post is a little long for the final product; they could have gotten the same teaching results with fewer explanations.

How to make a paper airplane

Everyone knows how to make a paper airplane; it’s a skill we all picked up when we were very young. At that time, even the simplest folds were not intuitive. The concepts of symmetry, mountain/valley folds, and aligning the edges probably seemed as inscrutable as learning to dribble a basketball or jump rope for the very first time.

I chose this very simple tutorial for making a basic paper airplane. It uses short, animated GIFs to demonstrate each of the folds ALONG with a short text description. For a child, these motions would be essential for grasping what we adults can easily register mentally and mimic. The best part of this tutorial is that the animations make it possible for a child to complete a paper airplane without even knowing how to read.

Munny Speakers

I am a huge dunny and smorkin’ bunny fan and I found this tutorial on how to incorporate a speaker into the munny which is a lot of fun.

I found this instruction useful because
_Good quality photos showing all the steps
_Very fun object
_Writing is minimal and to the point

I really want to make this during the winter break! ( or when I am less busy…;)


Here’s another video on the same topic.

Slinky Slink!

I am posting this video on how to make an oragami slinky for a few reasons.

  1. I think it’s awesome to make kinetic sculptures, especially with so few materials as just paper.
  2. The video is clean and straightforward. The camera is mounted and doesn’t move, the background is white and simple, there is no music and no words.
  3. The video is the right length, not rushed, but under 5 minutes.
  4. Most importantly: The video is exceptionally clear. It has words describing what to do as well as graphic images of the instructions.


Change a Tube/ Speak Pittsburghese/ Don’t Mix Milk With RedBull

Hi all. I decided to post a serious tutorial followed by a couple of sillier ones. The first is how to change a bike tube when you get a flat. I appreciate this video, because it tells you what to do and also what to be careful of. For instance, remembering to unhook your break calipers when taking the tire/rim off of the fork. Learning how to change tubes is really convenient and it can save you lots of money (because bike shops charge for labor and for parts).

Ok, so now for the sillier ones… This is a guide about the things that Pittsburghers say. Sometimes you will actually hear people say Yinz and Redd Up. So I think its useful…Right? Right?

Finally, Don’t mix milk with RedBull… The song is a nice touch.

How to make a reversible Tote Bag

I decided to post this bag tutorial because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bags and because this one makes it seem really uncomplicated and fairly easy to do (if I knew how to sow!). I like that it broke it up in parts – straps, the body, and lining and had pictures to accompany each step. I also liked that it numbered the pictures and had steps written with corresponding numbers. I also liked that it had links to make similar or matching products at the end of the tutorial.




Tutorial Research – Paper Ribbon Flag Tutorial


I really enjoy this tutorial on how to make paper ribbon flags. I think the photography is very clear and instead of just listing the steps and showing photos of the process separately, the written steps are explained on the photos making it very easy to follow. I also appreciate the fact that the author tells the audience what they can use the final product for. It teaches those that may not be able to visualize this item, beyond sitting in that clear jar, real examples that they can incorporate into their own lives. I also think the use of color is smart in the post. She chooses a background that is neutral to allow the blue paper to pop.