Fluorescent ink paper lights!

Spectacular paula arntzen !

“Paula’s Designs represent a combination of the lightness, colour and monumental shaping. Her designs find their origin in a fascination for grand forms and qualities of a material. After constant study and observation she managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of the material and it unique characteristics. This is a procedure through which the designer decides not only on the form and shape but also on the elements that will determine and lead to a multifunctional object/ project creation. A creation that will serve both decorative and functional roles in a space.”


Brighter than a lucky penny,


Takeshi Miyakawa Public Installation

Takeshi Miyakawa Public Installation

This above is an installation from designer Takeshi Miyakawa using LED’s and plastic I ❤ NY bags. For those of you new to NYC you might not have heard of this, but last spring in conjunction with ICFF, Takeshi had been installing these light sculptures around Brooklyn when he was arrested.

He was installing these to show his love for the city when he was arrested on charges of public endangerment and placing a bomb. You can read more about it here.