Project 1: Tyvek Portrait by Clay Kippen

I couldn’t help but want to do a traditional two-dimensional portrait at first. I was thinking about coating my FedEX envelopes with cyanotype emulsion and “burning” an image onto the surface. But I didn’t feel like cyanotype said anything about the versatility and durabilty of Tyvek. This material can be twisted and pulled without tearing, making it more akin to textile than paper. I did away with the cyanotype idea and went in a 3d direction. Since Tyvek is super strong, I wanted my portrait to stand on its own without a structural frame. That’s when it seemed inevitable that I would make an inflatable sculpture!

The first step was to figure out how to get air into the sculpture. I didn’t want to buy a fan or waste new material in the making of this portrait, so I ran to Sid’s bikes on 19th Street where I picked up some old tubes with presta valves.

This is a shot of the first test. The FedEX envelope was modified with a valve and then sealed with glue.

With a few hundred pumps (from my portable pump) the envelope inflated! Time to go big…

Handsome devil aint he? All inflatable heads need a base right? Right?

With inspiration from Katie, I fabricated an acrylic base. The punch-outs are for access to the presta valve.

Here is the simulated final result with its easily accessible valve.

Here he is, my slightly inflated self portrait!

Luckily Dave is going to bring in a full size pump for me, because my hand-held pump just isn’t cutting it!

Project 1: The SigniStamp by David Hu

Key words: camouflage + fax machine replacement
Materials used: acrylic, rubber
Tools used: Lasercutter, wet-sand sanding paper, utility knife, epoxy glue, ruler
Skills learned: Lasercutter software operation, setting up thin pieces for cutting, basic interaction design (app schematic), basic history of name stamps
Plan to do more: Lasercutting and rastering, learning more about software/interaction design

Katie McElroy

Hi! I’m Katie McElroy, a native Hoosier and graphic designer. I moved to NYC from Indianapolis two weeks ago with my husband Dan and my corgi Noah. My background is in architecture and visual art, and I attended Ball State University, in Muncie, IN, for both my Bachelor’s in Architecture and MA in Visual Art. I have been doing print and web design for the past three years, one year at an architecture firm and the other two as a freelance designer. I love all areas of design, and I’m excited to jump into product design and 3D design in general.

A project I’m proud of are my handmade calendars and books that I sell in my Etsy Shop.

I’m also proud of the electroforming and enameling projects I did in my master’s thesis.

You can find me online in a bunch of places: Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr which will eventually replace my freelance website. You can follow me on Instagram @kemcelroy.


emi yasaka

Hi! I am emi.


This is a picture of me running the National Snowshoe Championship race. (yes, there is such a thing!) I wasn’t joking about my snowshoeing.  Modern snowshoes don’t look like tennis rackets and they are made of lightweight aluminum frames.  I am one of those crazy people who runs marathons for fun.  I truly enjoy running on trails and to be in nature.

I am originally from Japan although I only lived there for 5 years. I moved a lot as a child and grew up in several different countries. I have an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. I spent my last 10 years in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I designed in-store experience and environments for Best Buy.  I also worked as a freelance graphic and product designer for different companies and organizations over the years.  Below is one of the projects I worked on with couples of my friends.  The bear is called RB and I modeled the 3D character for the production of this toy.



My older work is on coroflot and I am hoping to get my website up and running this year.  You can also find me on Facebook and Tumblr <-I haven’t updated this in many months.  You can also find me running on bike paths and streets.

Next Class: Arduino Workshop

Next class we’ll be having an Arduino workshop! Many of the tools and supplies we need are already in the VFL lab for your use, but each of you needs a few things of your own. I will bring you each an Arduino board, solderless breadboard, USB cable, and an acrylic prototyping plate. Please bring $35.50 (cash or a check made out to me) for your supplies. Bring a laptop if you can (otherwise plan to share with a neighbor), and take a few moments to install the Arduino software before class so we can spend more class time on the fun stuff. If you got Massimo Banzi’s book, Getting Started with Arduino, over the summer, bring that as well.

matthew barber

Hello People

 My name is Matthew Barber and it has been a pleasure getting to know ya’ll.
I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin, and studied Economics as well as Communication Arts at UW Madison.  I moved to NYC close to 8 years ago and currently I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  After working for 2 years in advertising, and another in market research, I began working with the artist duo Faile doing design and management, and shortly thereafter, started an online limited edition print shop called Paper Monster.  These projects have taught me a lot about the creative industries as well as helped me define my interests.
Last year I attended Pratt where I began my studies in industrial design.  I wanted to include an image of a prototype of a windowsill cat lounge I designed (mostly because I wanted to post an image of my cat).
I am not that involved currently with the internet, but you can find me on Facebook, and I blog at Paper Monster.  More to come….

Samantha Moore

Hi There =) I’m Sam. Here I am with crazy henna hair, which I am convinced will never grow out (I’m naturally blonde)


I am brand new to New York spending the last 7 years living in Philadelphia. I grew up in Maryland and was very hands on from a young age doing everything from canning, playing music, designing miniatures of spaces I’d like to visit and making felt from the fiber of these handsome guys:


I studied interior design at Drexel University and during those four years realized I was most drawn to the studios that involved designing and creating tangible objects. I try to make in a way that leaves as little waste as possible as this was how I was taught to live growing up. We would make wind chimes from leftover copper piping and our left over food went to our chickens for a snack rather than being tossed away, for example. I sell upcycled items in my Etsy shop.

Rings made from zipper scraps:


To scale butterfly mobile using an embroidery hoop missing the outer hoop and scrap card stock left over from furniture price tags at the showroom I worked for:


I am very excited to get down and dirty making all sorts of goodies and learning new ways of making. Here you can see my website, blog, facebook and to see what I enjoy listening to.


(One of my cats – Ben)

Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph

Hello there now, I’m Joseph and this is where I grew up:


…in Toronto. The most formative experience for me was undoubtedly given to me at summer camp, Camp Shomria, in east Ontario. These are some of the most important people in my life:


It was there that I got my first my first opportunity to design games, write plays, organize events, and to teach. From then on informal education has been a dominant theme in my life. Separately, but not unrelated, I always wanted to be an inventor. I independently came up with the flying car before I was even 12. Some say I peaked early.

Since I left Toronto after high school, I’ve lived in Ottawa, Tel Aviv, and now New York, studying Industrial Design and Liberal Arts, as well as working at a design firm in Israel, and a number of educational institutions in NYC. Here are some of the annoying 12 year olds I taught:

I’ve done a lot of traveling, and that’s been a major source of inspiration for me. The picture at the top is from my recent trip to France and the three below are inspiring details I captured in Berlin, Beijing, and Granada.


My product design portfolio is available through coroflot, but there is nothing there from after 2010.